Hello, we are Loving Food. If like us, you have a passion for great street food then you’re in the right place.

Trucking good street food

Born out of love for something different but very tasty in central Scotland.

From an acorn

Well actually from a 1972 Citroen H van to be precise.

Turning into an oak tree.

Ok it’s not an oak tree, but our wee van is sturdy and packed with great food created with fresh local ingredients and passion.

Come and see us.

And try our hand-made flatbreads, stovies, stews and soups. We aim to make you happy and join us loving food!


You'll find us here

    • Monday-Saturday, Station RoadStirling



Stirling city centre press release

Our offical launch details.

Some you win, some you keep on trucking

April, what a month.

The March in

Some news you know, or don't.